Bio-Well: it is a "predictive medicine" technology which performs the energy check of body functional systems and their equilibrium states.

Bio-Well also allows to measure very quickly the degree of stress or anxiety of a person.
To get those parameters, Bio-Well technology is called GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization).


Official distributor for France and Europe.


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GDV Direct is the official distributor/retailer of Prof. Konstantin Korotkov's products for France, French speaking countries and Spain. GDV Direct has the the official agreement of the KTI St Petersbourg/Pr K. Korotkov.


Introducing the team :
GDV Direct was founded in 2000 by a team of therapists and independent researchers working and experimenting with the GDV operating system. In France, GDV Direct was a pioneer in using this specific technology, after years of close collaboration with Prof. K. Korotkov, training therapists, organizing courses and seminars in France and in Spain.

GDV Direct takes part every year in the International Congress of St Petersbourg.
Each GDV/EPC imagery course proposed by GDV Direct is officialy approved by the Prof.K. Korotkov.


What is GDV ?
The GDV Technique was developed in Saint Petersburg by Professor K. G. Korotkov on the basis of Kirlian effect. Gas Discharge Visualization Technique (GDV) is computer registration and analysis of gas discharge glow (GDV-images) of any biological objects placed in a high-intensity electromagnetic field.
GDV/EPC is a revolutionnary  method of diagnosing, based on electrophysiological and clinical-anatomical characteristics of the human body, a bioelectrographic method of complex diagnostics.

A team of scientists under the guidance of Prof. Korotkov developed the GDV technique and created a device to produce gas discharge images of objects (particularly human fingers). The GDV technique is patented; the hardware equipement has passed technical, toxicological and clinical tests; the method and equipement are registered by the Public Register of Medical Equipment in the Ministry of Health of the Federation of Russia.
In 10 years, the GDV technique has won the recognition of many specialists and, with other

electrographic methods, is used in medicine, professional sports and fitness, spas and health

resorts, beauty business, various fields of psychology and psychophysiology, as in basic and applied research.


XXII International Scientific Congress

Consultation avec Christian Bordes

Christian Bordes nous parle

d'électro-sensibilité, mais aussi des dernières découvertes en électro-photonique...


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