Bio-Well : A technological revolution!           


This camera very recently launched on the market is literally revolutionizing access to quantum measurement and computerized bio-electrographic. Up to now, GDV measurement devices were intended to those who really professionally needed it or could afford it.  From there, research in bio -electrophotography had its own limits by the few “users” concerned. Today, it is no longer the case since Biowell will be available to everybody interested by this wonderful approach and almost unlimited investigation possibilities. It should be noted that Professor Korotkov and his team have been working really hard for nearly three years in order to update at the highest level this ultra miniaturized system. At the same time, those lines are written (October 2013), the last settings are performed to ensure the best reliability to present and future Biowell camera’s users.  Let’s speak also about Biocor when associated to the camera gives results unparalleled up to now with frequency soundtrack perfectly suitable to some imbalances of the subject.









GDV Bio-Well

 Note:All our GDV devices are guaranteed for 2 years + 1 year offered except Bio-Well 2 years warranty.




Bio-Well, the new-generation miniature camera equally useful to practitioners and the general public in its high-tech version, facilitating the sharing of data by accessing a web space and at an affordable cost to all. It allows regular monitoring of the level of energy and stress by taking action in the fingers of the hands from a few seconds (quick scan) to two minutes maximum (full scan). Without being a medical diagnosis, these analyzes are accompanied by recommendations on individualized lifestyle, nutritional supplements "upscale" rebalancing chakras by a composition custom harmonics (Tibetan crystal bowls) via the Biocor (recommended) to listen to a specific helmet and / or a probe to inform water. Possibility to test all types of products directly to itself to monitor its effectiveness. A newmeasure will confirm the effectiveness of the correction, sometimes after a few minutes! What to keep in perfect shape.


Price:  1399,00 $ USD HT + 20 $ / month subscription to access the software via the Internet.







GDV BioCor



Dispositif de correction de champ d'énergie humaine en utilisant les informations extraites des doigts avec le GDV Bio-Well. Ces résultats peuvent aider à développer une meilleure qualité de vie. Biocor utilise super Hight Frequency (SHF) dans la gamme Higo-Hertz (4,9 mm (60.12 HHz), 5,6 mm (53,53 HHz) et 7,1 mm (42.19 HHz) de très faible intensité (inférieure à 10 mW/cm2).
BioCor est absolument sans danger pour n'importe quel type de patients de tout âge.
Utilisation recommandée: une fois par jour, de préférence avant le sommeil.



                                                                       Price : 599,00 € HT



SONDE Bio-Well 


Permet d'évaluer le niveau de photons de l'eau.



                                                                                                        Prix : 190,00 € HT Disponible






                    Price : 11,57 € HT la pochette







Carryng bag

Blue carry bag with pouch and zip closure.
Suitable for transporting the camera Bio-Well or BioCor.

                                                                                                                              Price : 16,53 € HT





            for Bio-Well

The Spoutnik sensor is connected to the titanium cylinder inserted onto the Bio-Well lens, creating connected resonance contours. Bias current in the electrical chain of this contour depends on the capacitance of space between Spoutnik antenna and environmental-grounded and electroconductive subjects. Both geophysical parameters of the particular environment and man-made electromagnetic fields and constructions would influence this capacitance. Emotions are related to the activity of the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system, which changes blood microcirculation, perspiration, blood microcirculation, perspiration, sweating, and other functions of the body, resulting in the changes of the overall conductivity of the body and the conductivity of acupuncture points in particular. Therefore, the presence in the vicinity of the instrument of the emotional people may change the conductivity of space and, hence, the signals of the sensor. This may be related to the formation of areas of decreased entropy in space, or, as Prof. Tiller claims, “associated with the buildup of a negative magnetic charge manifesting in the environment” Some quantum effects may be involved as well.



                                                                                                           Price : 350,00 $ USD HT

















Par ses dimensions réduites le GDV COMPACT est facile à transporter et peut fonctionner en « tout terrain » grâce à sa batterie et son cordon secteur. Objet de test et boitier pour objet de test, mini chambre noire, clé USB de sécurité, sac de transport, 100 filtres GDV.

Suite logiciel de base inclus (Capture; Diagram; Energie Field; Chakras).

Option suite logicielle complète.

Garanti 2 ans + 1 an offert

Price : 6100 € HT




This camera allows a precise study of human body variations, solid items (rocks, crystals, seeds...), liquids (water, essential oils, elixirs...). Works with 10 fingers detection. Ideal for a professional pratician with Mini-Lab kit.


Price : 9000 € HT




A complete and global powerfull  tool. High quality GDV picture of both hands fingers in a few seconds. Ideal for a pratician who needs quickly a high quantity of pictures.

Price : 15500 € HT




Complete Mini-Laboratory. Electrophotonic capture and analysis of solid objects (rocks, crystal, seeds...) and liquids (water, essential oils, elixirs...).
Use only with GDV PRO camera.


Price : 2100 € HT




Portable full autonomy with battery device. No computer needed.
Ultra precise testing of the  environnement. High-stability picture capture. Allows to capture a high quantity of pictures for statistics and precise testings. Connection to a specific sonde for water and liquids studying in option.

Price  : 4200 € HT














For the GDV COMPACT and the GDV PRO


Price : 150 € HT




GDV Direct Softwares Pack

Ideal for research works and studies, for learners and experienced praticians. A whole range of powerfull and adapted softwares. 



Initial GDV Direct Softwares Pack : Capture; Diagram; Energie Field; Chakras.      

                                                            (included un GDV PRO and GDV EXPRESS).


       Price: 2100,00 € HT




Complete GDV Direct Softwares Pack : Capture; Diagram; Energie Field; Chakras

                                        + Atlas; Screening; Qualification; Viewer; Scientific laboratory.



        Price: 4200,00 € HT








Scientific Laboratory GDV Direct Software : 714,00 € HT
Energy Field GDV Direct Software :               672,00 € HT
Diagram: GDV Direct Software :                     672,00 € HT
Chakra GDV Direct Software :                        672,00 € HT
Screening GDV Direct Software :                   672,00 € HT
Atlas GDV Direct Software :                            672,00 € HT
Viewer GDV Direct Software :                         672,00 € HT
Protection key :                                             1.050,00 € HT
100 GDV Direct Filters :                                     12,00 € HT






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